• To Buy: £ 6,199
  • To Lease: £ 55 per week
  • CD4 2022

    Three years free warranty including parts and labour

    Reliable and independent
    For busy offices where quality, speed and convenience matter. The CD4 does the work of 2x machines….

    Meet CD4
    This machine looks great and behaves beautifully, effortlessly producing a high quality, high volume range of drinks. Italian made, you get what you’d expect – close to high-street quality coffee, delivered simply and stylishly.

    Key features and benefits:

    • 99+ drinks types
    • Two 1.2KG bean hoppers
    • Weight: 47 kg
    • Waste container: 150 drinks
    • Approx. drinks per refill: 150 cups

    Enjoy The Coffee Desk’s 1, 2, 3 Service Guarantee
    Remember, as long as you’re buying your ingredients from us, you’ll get access to our 1, 2, 3 service guarantee – support from the hot desk, and quibble-free, fast repairs or replacements if anything goes wrong.

    Five of the best

    Meet The Machines


    Buy: £ 2,199

    Lease: £ 21 per week

    Perfect for: Busy offices and break out spaces


    Buy: £ 2,699

    Lease: £ 24 per week

    Perfect for: Heavy use such as large offices and public areas.


    Buy: £ 3,199

    Lease: £ 27 per week

    Perfect for: This beauty is a real workhorse – ideal for steady all day use.

    CD4 2022

    Buy: £ 6,199

    Lease: £ 55 per week

    Perfect for: Effortless and smooth – fresh milk workhorse.

    CD5 2022

    Buy: £ 7,999

    Lease: £ 75 per week

    Perfect for: The best fresh milk coffee machine of 2020.

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